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The passion for what we do contributes to a culture where we exchange knowledge and experience, and challenge each other when needed. Together we develop each other, and this is how we have fun at work while at the same time finding the best solutions for our customers.


Marlene Dørum Pettersen
HR and Organization Manager


We are always looking for talent. Do you have what it takes to help enterprises solve their identity needs and improve their security posture? Feel free to send us your CV together with a few words about your background and what makes you thrive at work.

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Alexander Friedensburg
Managing Director
Kim Sørensen
Country Manager Denmark
Rikard Strand
IT Magician
Arne Vedø-Hansen
IAM Architect
Gaurav Dhawan
Senior IAM Consultant
Åse Helene Rogne-Hansen
Marketing Manager
Dagfinn Herum
IAM Architect
Ragnar Storstrøm
Security Architect IAM
Maria Carlsson
Advisor and Transformation leader
Nils Anders Hvinden
IAM Architect and Developer
Kristian Nilssen
IAM Consultant
Thea Angelo
Advisor & Transformation leader
Andreas Faltin
Cloud Architect
Narayanan Hariharan
IAM Consultant
Nikolai Irgens
IAM Consultant
Zahid Iqbal
IAM Architect
Jacob Hoogkamp
Cloud Architect
Anna Tallerud
Customer Success Manager
Marlene Dørum Pettersen
HR and Organization Manager
Lawin Sherko
Security Architect
Alexander Sandbu
IAM Consultant
Emina Karic
IAM Architect
Trond Sand
IAM Advisor
Anders Magnus Rikala Olsen
IAM Consultant
Aleksandra Zantić
Event and Administration Associate
Emrullah Celik
IAM Architect
Doyoung Oh
Junior Frontend Developer and Security Consultant
Jostein Odden
Finance Manager
Ivar Lyse
Customer Success Manager
Eric Helm
Senior IAM consultant
Anette Tusvik
IAM Service Management consultant