Cloudworks on an adventure in Kristiansand

Cloudworks on an adventure in Kristiansand

Our company trips is a tradition we value greatly, as they bring our team together from all countries for a few days filled with learning, laughter, and good memories. This year, the journey went to idyllic Kristiansand in Norway.

The third competence day of the year 

Cloudworks has previously visited Romania, London and Copenhagen on company trips. This year we landed on beautiful Kristiansand in the southern part of Norway.

The trips typically consist of a competence day dedicated to learning and knowledge sharing. During our visit to Kristiansand, we had a packed program with two workshops that allowed for teamwork and brainstorming. In one we worked on our sustainability strategy and in the other we finessed our communications skills. The latter was skillfully delivered by local psychologist Tor Åge Eikerapen, who is specialized in organizational psychology. He emphasized the importance of safety, recognition, and empathy in everyday communication at the workplace.

The competence day also included exciting presentations from our colleagues. Trond gave insight in "The Subtle Art of IAM Customer Advisory and Project Management" while Andreas and Nils Anders presented "Dreamteam work on Okta CIC Challenge". Despite the initial rain, the sun pierced through the clouds, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful September sun in the pauses. 

After a productive competence day, we started the evening with a lavish dinner at Restaurant Grenseløs. From there, we went to Skybar Club 21, where we were welcomed with a selection of exotic cocktails and a breathtaking view of Kristiansand. Laughter, lively conversations, and good colleagues created a relaxed and fun evening.

An active Saturday

Waking up to a picturesque sunrise with a view of Kristiansand's palm-filled city beach, Bystranda, set the tone for a beautiful and fun day ahead. Our adventure began on Odderøya, a scenic area in the center of Kristiansand. Here, we teamed up with local "Tar Du Oppdraget," led by Henrik, who took us on a tour around Odderøya filled with a range of fun challenges. Divided into teams, we had to solve four different challenges in nature, which required creative thinking, endurance, and lots of teamwork. The winning team received their prizes with a spectacular sea view from the top of Odderøya.

Our day continued at Smak og Behag, a culinary stronghold in the region, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch with local ingredients. Our Kristiansand-local colleague, Jostein, then put on the captain's hat and led us through the city center. Here we were introduced to the evening's restaurant, Sjøhuset, which served one delicious dish after another, while we enjoyed the view of the water and the slowly setting sun.

Thanks for this time

This year's company trip once again lived up to all expectations. The days were characterized by camaraderie, engaging conversations, laughter, and lavish meals in the sunny city of Kristiansand. We all left the trip filled with new knowledge, inspiration and good memories we shared during the journey.