Okta is a recognized leader within Zero Trust Security

Protect modern environments and enable digital transformation

Never trust, always verify

Provide access to your data based not on assumed trust, but on context established through least-privileged access controls and strict user authentication

A Zero Trust Security approach guarantees that only the right people have the right level of access without adding friction for your employees, partners or customers.

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Automate identity processes at scale

Easily create powerful workflows in a no-code environment and tailor identity processes to your specific needs.

Workflows can connect to any public API, can be triggered by a huge variety of events, e.g., self-registration of a user, can be scheduled, and even triggered by any third-party app.


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Passwordless authentication

Without passwords, an entire attack vector is eliminated. At a time where the majority of hacking-related breaches use weak or stolen passwords, it’s about time to replace passwords with biometric identifiers and tokens. Besides, passwordless authentication provides a frictionless login experience to your end-users.

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Okta Managed Services

We make sure that your company's Okta solution is tailored to suit your specific requirements and we are available to assist you 24/7. Cloudworks' Okta Managed Services include:

  • Success Management: We ensure that you effectively achieve your goals and get the full benefit from your IAM solution.
  • Support: We are available around the clock to solve any problems that may arise.
  • Kickstart: We thoroughly review your Okta solution and present a report with our recommendations for improvements.
  • Consultancy: We help you maximize the value of Okta in your company. 

Implementation and onboarding

We set up Okta for production, integrate with the customer's operating environment and applications, and assist with onboarding users. Our experienced project managers and architects map existing operating environments and applications and prepare an implementation plan that takes the client's situation and needs into account. We take over the roll-out of the service in the organization and provides a good user experience with the help of training materials and e-learning.

Solution architecture

A good solution architecture ensures that the new IAM solution will fit your existing environment. Our enterprise and solution architects assess your requirements and plot out a realistic path towards better identity management and increased security. This way, we help identify the cost and gains of the proposed solution and map out a practical implementation strategy.

Okta Proof of Concept (PoC)

The purpose of a PoC is to test Okta's IAM solution in the customer's own environment with the solution integrated with existing infrastructure and applications.

Our consultants help your company test the most critical features to support a potential investment decision.



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We have a close collaboration with Okta, and our consultants have broad expertise in identity management and Okta's products and solutions.

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