Ensure agile management of your IAM solution with Cloudworks IAM DevOps

Ensure agile management of your IAM solution with Cloudworks IAM DevOps

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is playing an increasingly important role in reducing the business's security risk, as well as in streamlining and automating administrative processes. However, with such a specialized area in rapid growth, the supply of qualified personnel is becoming increasingly scarce. With Cloudworks IAM DevOps, management becomes more agile, and access to necessary expertise is greater.

Management of the IAM solution is a continuous process

When holistically managing our customer's IAM solution, we use the DevOps delivery methodology. The reason is that the work with information security and the IAM solution is a continuous process. The needs of the company are changing, technology is evolving and security must be maintained.

DevOps is a delivery method that combines Development and Operations in the same team. The purpose is a more effective collaboration between the two; more frequent deployments, faster improvements and continuous follow-up of new deliveries.

DevOps ensures agile development

Cloudworks IAM DevOps is based on the principle of agile development. This involves dividing greater needs into smaller deliveries with shorter and faster developments.

The developments are based on continuous priorities adjusted to the company's evolution, and involves early testing and focus on the user experience. Continuous follow-ups and conduction of the solutions is also ensured.

Access to more expertise

Another positive aspect about Cloudworks IAM DevOps is that the customer has access to more expertise in a larger team. Where you otherwise hire a specific consultant for a certain period of time, you hire expertise from an interdisciplinary team as needed.

Advantages of Cloudworks IAM DevOps

There are many advantages to IAM DevOps over traditional consulting agreements or your own IAM management:

  • Efficiency: Having IAM management «as-a-service» makes it more flexible and efficient, rather than using internal resources.
  • Flexibility: The delivery methodology ensures that the work can always be adapted to the company's needs and the requirements of its surroundings.
  • Speed: With fast development processes and frequent deliveries, the road is shorter from identified needs to implemented solution.
  • Stability: With dedicated customer support and continuous development and frequent improvements of the implementations, the company gets a stable IAM environment, where any problems can be solved quickly.
  • Security: Support, operation and development from IAM experts with long experience provide increased cyber security.
  • Lower costs: Less time is spent modifying or setting up projects. This also results in lower costs.

Cloudworks’ IAM DevOps team strengthens the customer’s existing management services and ensures predictable and cost-effective development with high quality.