BeyondTrust's Privileged Access Management (PAM)


BeyondTrust's PAM solutions provide organizations with the ability to manage and monitor access to critical systems and applications as well as authentication, authorization, access control and reporting. 

As a result these solutions help organizations meet regulatory requirements, enhance security and reduce the risk of cyberattacks.  


BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access 

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access is a comprehensive PAM solution that allows organizations to secure and control remote access to critical systems and sensitive data. It provides secure remote access for privileged users such as administrators and third party vendors to access and manage systems and applications. 

The solution also offers a high level of monitoring and auditing, allowing administrators to keep track of who has accessed what and what actions were taken while logged into the system.


Organizations with numerous external or mobile users or those who need to secure access to critical systems from a variety of devices and locations will particularly benefit from BeyondTrust Remote Access. 

BeyondTrust Remote Support 

BeyondTrust Remote Support provides IT support and administrators with the ability to connect to remote devices to resolve technical issues and provide assistance. 

The solution utilizes secure connection technology to establish a link between the technician's computer and the remote device. Through remote control, file transfer, video and chat support personnel can view and controle the remote device and provide assistance as if they were physically present.  

BeyondTrust Remote Support also offers security and compliance features including logging and monitoring of connections and activities, as well as complete audit trails of support activities. 


Organizations with diverse locations and devices needing to provide quick and efficient support to users regardless of their physical location will particularly benefit from BeyondTrust Remote Support.

Endpoint Privilege Management

Privilege Management for Windows/Mac/Linux enables the removal of local administrator access or access to root accounts and enforces a dynamic least privilege on Windows, Mac and Linux. This helps prevent malware and phishing attacks and allows control over applications used without compromising productivity. 

This solution facilitates a Zero Trust approach to endpoint management. 

Organizations utilizing BeyondTrust's Endpoint Privilege Management gain a solution that provides users with sufficient local access to perform their tasks without granting excessive privileges. Additionally, the solution offers complete logging and audit trails of activities, simplifying the review of any incidents and their analysis.

BeyondTrust Password Safe

BeyondTrust Password Safe provides a secure and centralized way to manage and safeguard passwords and other authentication information for IT systems and applications.  
The solution includes features to discover and manage passwords, SSH keys, certificates and other authentication details. It offers automated password management and rotation processes to ensure they are regularly updated and changed. 

BeyondTrust Password Safe also offers a range of security features to protect passwords and authentication details. This includes multi-factor authentication, custom access rules and approvals, role-based access as well as logging and reporting of activities.  

For a holistic approach to security and privileged access management BeyondTrust Password Safe can be integrated with other BeyondTrust solutions such as BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access and BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management. 

Organizations that need to manage and protect passwords and authentication details for a large number of systems and applications and want to avoid manual and insecure processes will particularly benefit from this solution. 


Solution Architecture

A good solution architecture ensures that the new PAM solution aligns with the company's existing technology landscape. Our business and solution architects consider the organization's requirements to develop a realistic plan towards improved identity management and increased security. In doing so we identify the costs and benefits of the proposed solution and recommend a suitable implementation strategy. 

Rimpel is an IAM consultant in Cloudworks

Implementation and onboarding

We set up BeyondTrust for production, integrate it with the customer's operational environment and applications and assist with user onboarding. Our experienced project managers and architects assess the existing operational environment and applications and develop an implementation strategy that takes into account the costumer's situation and needs. We take over the deployment of the service within the organization and ensure a smooth user experience through training materials end e-learning. 

Support and Management

We provide assistance to the organization in the management and ongoing development of the solution: 

  • Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • PAM Support for ad-hoc assistance with errors
  • PAM DevOps, cost-effective and predictable solution development
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