One Identity's unified solution for Identity and Access Management


  One Identity offers a flexible and modular solution for managing identities and accesses. It minimizes the need for manual processes, streamlining assets and access management, improves control and carries out verifications of accesses to critical assets.


 The One Identity Unified Identity Platform brings together Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Access Management (AM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Active Directory Management (AD Mgmt) into a seamlessly integrated platform.


 Through its workflows, analytics framework, and pre-built integrations, the One Identity platform enhances efficiency, control, and security across all environments be it on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setting.

One Identity ensures control and security with
integrated and modular solutions


Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

One Identity's Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) ensures that access to systems is correct and appropriate for all users, while policies are adhered to and reported.

The IGA products offer advanced user management and administration in all environments and enable easy creation of real-time reports as well as definition of roles and policies.

This ensures that companies can easily comply with audit and compliance initiatives and that management has a clear overview of the company's governance position.


With One Identity's Identity Governance and Administration, companies can effectively manage Identity Lifecycles, certify access, perform auditing, manage and secure data, and manage identities associated with SaaS applications.

Access Management (AM)

One Identity's Access Management (AM) is an innovative access management solution in the cloud that effortlessly safeguards and streamlines all applications, devices, and users in one centralized place.

By incorporating Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), users can effortlessly access applications securely and seamlessly. Additionally, risk- and context-based access ensures that authentication requirements are dynamically adjusted. 


One Identity's Access Management provides companies with a reliable and secure access management solution in the cloud that creates an easy-to-use and consistent one-click experience for accessing SaaS and on-premise applications from any device.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

One Identity Privileged Access Management (PAM) reduces the risk of security breaches and ensures compliance.

Available as a SaaS or on-prem solution, PAM helps manage privileged accounts across different environments and platforms with different access levels and session monitoring.

One Identity's PAM portfolio provides a wide range of options for managing privileged accounts, from full credentials to limited access based on the Zero Trust or Least Privileged model.


One Identity Privileged Access Management offers a password vault for privileged accounts, analysis and management of privileged user sessions, and management of privileged access.

Active Directory Management (AD Mgmt)

One Identity Active Directory Management (AD Mgmt) enables companies to build a solid foundation in AD user management and implement key account management functions such as provisioning, group and role management, password management and governance.


Using One Identity Active Directory Management, companies can improve Microsoft Entra ID migration, strengthen the security and management of hybrid AD environments, extend AD and Entra ID management with governance, and add Unix and Linux extensions.


Solution architecture

A good solution architecture ensures that the One Identity platform fits your existing technology landscape. Our team of experienced architects carefully consider all of the organization's specific needs to develop a realistic strategy for enhancing identity management and bolstering security measures. By carefully evaluating the costs and benefits of the proposed solution, we craft a tailored implementation strategy to ensure optimal results for your organization.

We help with solution architecture, implementation and support

Implementation and onboarding

We ensure that the One Identity platform is ready to use, integrating it seamlessly with your company's operating environment and applications, while providing expert assistance with user onboarding. Our experienced project managers and architects map the existing operating environment and applications and create  an implementation plan that takes your company's situation and needs into account. We take charge of implementing the service within your organization, guaranteeing a seamless user experience through the use of training materials and e-learning resources.

Support and management

We assist the organization in managing and further developing the solution:

  • Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • IAM Support for immediate assistance in the event of errors
  • IAM DevOps, cost-effective and predictable further development of the solution

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