Prevent fraud with Cloudworks Identity Proofing

Prevent fraud with Cloudworks Identity Proofing

Digital onboarding to services for both new employees in a company, new customers or members of a service, is inherently unsecure as long as we have to trust the information provided by the individual. With Cloudworks Identity Proofing, your organization prevents fraud and unauthorized access related to the verification of the identity of new users.

We believe there is a need to require new users of a digital service to proof their identity to prevent fraud. At the same time as more digital services are being made available to customers - also for partners within B2B, online fraud dominates the news.

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 80 % of the organizations will be using identity proofing as part of their onboarding workflows. This is an increase from approximately 30 % today.* In Norway BankID has been accepted as the standard for secure authentication, and Vipps is well on its way towards a similar position.

What is Cloudworks Identity Proofing?

→ Cloudworks Identity Proofing ensures that only users that have provided verifiable identity information are provided access.

The concept of Identity Proofing means a one-time process to verify the identity of a user against a trusted Identity Provider. There are several other vendors in the market that offer Identity Proofing tools such as Onfido, Signicat and Buypass. Rather than competing with these solutions, our service combines accepted Identity Proofing methods such as BankID, Vipps or the danish NEMID with our customers IAM-solutions.

Our integration ensures that:

 The right users must proof their identity – usually upon first logon
 The user profile is enriched with verified information such as SSN and home address

Once a users’ identity has been proofed, this user authenticates directly to the IAM-solution. After this, the authentication will be frictionless and cost-effective.


 The use of BankID and Vipps is extensive and accepted in Norway, and correspondingly for NEMID in Denmark. All banks and mobile operators support these services, and all organizations can use them.

 Identification based on BankID, Vipps or NEMID is a frictionless process carried out within seconds.

 Authentication with BankID, Vipps or NEMID is only required upon first logon. Once the identity has been verified the IAM platform will be used for authentication, which is even more user friendly and cost efficient for the company.

 The entire process is automated and does not involve any manual intervention by the company.

→ The company may additionally receive other personal information, such as publicly registered living address and the users Social Security Number.

→ Deviations discovered during Identity Proofing can be configured to prevent further onboarding and/or alert the company.

Why digitalize the onboarding of new users?

The company can rely on that successfully onboarded users have provided trustworthy information. This enables scenarios based on fully digitalized onboarding. For example, employees can sign up for access to their apps and services upon onboarding without having to meet up in person.

The same applies for external users in B2B or B2C scenarios, especially where there is no direct payment involved (as payment solution themselves provide a means of Identity Proofing). For example, where end-users are supposed to provide information or order goods and services.

Another obvious result of digitalized onboarding is efficiency, as the entire process is automated. It’s faster and a lot cheaper than manual verification.


Identity Proofing

1. A user attempts to authenticate to a service that requires one-time identity proofing.

2. The IAM solution sends him to Cloudworks Identity Proofing. Here he authorize himself with for examle BankID.

3. Once successfully authenticated with BankID the user is sent back to the IAM solution to complete his authentication process and gets access to the service.

Specification of the service

We offer an Identity Proofing service that integrates with public identity services such as BankID or Vipps in Norway, and NEMID in Denmark with the IAM solutions of our customers.

  • Provided as a hosted service (SaaS) by Cloudworks
  • We integrate our Identity Proofing service with the companies IAM-solution
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface that is customizable with the company’s logo and guides, leads the user through the process.
  • The user can be en employee, customer, supplier, partner etc.


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