Cloudworks’ Cloud Security Framework – security in your cloud solution

Cloudworks’ Cloud Security Framework – security in your cloud solution

Cloud services are forcing a need for new approaches to all aspects of security management. Cloudworks’ Cloud Security Framework is designed to ensure the security of our customers' cloud solutions. The framework provides a comprehensive overview, as well as increases the efficiency and safety of their cloud solutions.

Many benefits of cloud-based services

There are many benefits to migrating from local software to cloud-based services. Suppliers of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provide advantages such as low start-up investments, seamless availability, and an easy way to expand and integrate your services. The largest cloud service providers guarantee higher stability and scalability, however, there is a lot of unpredictability associated with the migration and operation of cloud services, and many companies find it hard to determine whether they are ready to take this step or not.

Challenges related to cloud solutions

Companies that are used to operating their solutions locally hesitate because they think they will lose control and overview of their solutions and applications. They worry about whether the cloud security is as good as if it was built and operated locally, where data never leaves the business. Furthermore, they are unsure of how they can configure access to a cloud platform, integrate the desired services and what kind of architecture and measures are required to make the configuration secure. Cloud solutions require a completely different approach to security, and companies often do not want to invest in building expertise around a new service provider from scratch.

The usual Pay-as-you-go pricing model for cloud services is beneficial. However, without expertise and an established regime for allocation and use of resources, many customers face unpredictable costs when using cloud solutions. It’s challenging to pinpoint exactly how many resources are needed, and many companies find themselves paying more than necessary to run their cloud services. Additionally, this situation is inconvenient for cloud service providers because customers can lose confidence in the provider and choose alternative solutions.

Uncertainty about the new Privacy Regulation (GDPR) in relation to cloud services is also an obstacle. Companies are not confident about how to comply with different aspects of the resulations when the data they process is in the cloud.

Cloudworks’ Cloud Security Framework

To help our customers with these challenges and support their migration process to the cloud, Cloudworks has developed a framework to ensure their security in cloud solutions – Cloudworks’ Cloud Security Framework. It consists of the following areas:


Cloudworks’ Cloud Security Framework is an established and tested management set that helps you design a secure architecture on your IaaS / PaaS solution. Configuration and rules prepared by Cloudworks ensure suitable access management and resource allocation for the right tasks. It ensures that information stored and handled in the cloud does not go astray and is processed in accordance with up-to-date privacy policies. Implementation of the framework provides the customer with an overview and predictability of expenses, resources, network, certificates, encryption, logging and emergency preparedness.

In order to best prepare our customers for their journey to the cloud, we map their needs and current situation before conducting a GAP analysis. The analysis gives us the answers to which elements of the framework we need to address in order to achieve the desired level of security and maturity of the cloud solution.

Our framework is adapted to the customer’s situation and needs, describes the rules, guidelines and secure configuration of their cloud solution. Cloudworks assists the customer in the migration and setup of a cloud service and provides the customer with the knowledge and insights necessary to independently continue to operate the cloud services safely.

Is the framework suitable for your company?

Cloudworks’ Cloud Security Framework is suitable both for companies that are considering migrating to the cloud and for those who have already migrated to the cloud and want guidance and structuring of their solution. Our security architects have a complete understanding of the challenges and requirements associated with migration to the cloud for both private and public operators.

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