Identity and Access Management (IAM)

An IAM solution is a management system to assign and grant eligible access to enterprise assets, maintaining control and overview of access to sensitive areas, and automating identity lifecycle processes. This ensures that the right person and device has access to the right applications, resources, and systems at the right time.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Providing access and managing customer data in a secure and user-friendly manner is critical to the customer relationship. There is a need for a consistent user experience across different channels. A CIAM solution can handle most aspects of such management. The solution provides one common login across channels and services and ensures that the customer information is always up to date.

Identity Proofing & electronic ID (eID)

Identity Proofing is a one-time process for verifying a user's identity with a trusted identity provider. Examples of tools for identity verification are BankID, Vipps, and NemID. Once a user's identity has been proven, that user is authenticated directly to the IAM solution. After this, authentication will be frictionless and cost-effective.