Consistent user experience

The solution provides one common sign-up and login solution across channels and services and ensures that the customer information is always up to date.

GDPR compliance

The solution controls all stored customer information and makes sure that everything is deleted. This ensures documented GDPR compliance.

Cost-saving and improved security

Traditionally, companies have developed their own solutions, but it is both costly and risky from a security perspective.

Both for B2B and B2C

Good CIAM solutions are essential for e-commerce and are also relevant for member organizations and other actors that handle the registration and login of several users.

Identity Proofing & eID

The identity proofing concept is a one-time process for verifying a user's identity against a trusted identity provider. Tools for identity verification are, for example, BankID, Vipps, or NemID. Once a user's identity has been proven, that user is authenticated directly to the IAM solution. After this, authentication will be frictionless and cost-effective.


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Managing customer data in a secure, user-friendly, and seamless way can be a competitive advantage and, to some extent, critical to the customer relationship.

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Less friction improves conversion


"Everyone" shops online, but every e-commerce experience isn't equally good. Once the items are added to your cart, and you're ready to pay, there's a big difference in how quickly your online store allows you to move on.

But if the ideal CIAM system asks as few questions as possible, where should the necessary information about the customer be collected? How to make sure that the customer is who they claim to be?


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