What is IAM and why is it so important?

What is IAM and why is it so important?

Digitization has changed the way we work. It is expected that corporate data can be accessible wherever we are, and that all devices can be quickly and easily accessed. This facilitates efficient work and ensures productivity in the company. But what about security?

Sharing of information and the use of data characterize everything we do, and the use of cloud services and constantly new applications has become normal. At the same time, employees gain more access as they take on new roles and responsibilities, in addition to giving customers and partners more access to sensitive information at the company.

The IT department has no longer the same role

One result of this development is that the IT department no longer has the same role and that it is no longer only their responsibility to safeguard the security of a company. However, it is a critical business challenge across the organization, and there is an urgent need to put in place an identity and access management that also handles challenges related to new technology.

Increasingly more and serious incidents that have led to damage to reputation, loss of sensitive information and claims for compensation have raised awareness in this area. This has also led to stricter laws and regulations on how the company should monitor and manage access to sensitive information, as well as the introduction of GDPR with new privacy requirements.


Cloudworks has the leading expertise within IAM solutions in Norway

We have specialized in helping companies in the development of their identity strategy, we conduct Proof of Value and implement customized IAM solutions.

An IAM solution (Identity Access Management) is a management system for information security. It is necessary to customize access based on user needs and responsibilities, maintain control and oversight of access to sensitive parts, as well as ensure automated and regulated control of users and rights.

In addition to increased focus on security in the whole company, experience has shown that the company become more efficient and reduces costs with optimized business processes.

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