What can we verify with Okta PoC?






  • Single Sign-On and MFA login to selected applications, testing of various MFA factors
  • User Lifecycle Automation: Synchronizing Active Directory users.
  • Creating, updating and deleting users in selected applications
  • Groups: Dynamic groups, provisioning of group membership to applications
  • Bi-directional synchronization of user attributes
  • Rule-based modification of user attributes
  • Self-service and password reset
  • Application access requests and authorization processes


PoC in test or production environment?








If your company already has a test environment consisting of a source directory such as Active Directory or LDAP, as well as relevant applications, we recommend using it. If it does not exist, a PoC can usually also be implemented in the customer's production system, with care taken to not impact existing systems.

Integration with Active Directory (AD) is based on Okta's AD agent. It needs access to the Internet, but usually no customization of the company's existing firewall configuration. Integration of Okta PoC with the company's production AD makes it easy to involve users in the test.

For the PoC application integrations, we recommend using test environment applications to properly establish the value of Okta-based Single Sign-On and user management.

Okta Proof of Concept

  • Start-up meeting with a review of the objectives with PoC and expected results
  • Setup of Okta including integration with client's Active Directory or LDAP
  • Integration with 3 optional* applications for single sign-on testing and identity management
  • 5 hours additional support from our product experts
  • Assistance for test execution (expert facilitation, test plans)
  • If desired, Okta can be adapted for additional applications and/or areas of use

        Price from NOK 29.250,- excl. VAT
          *3 applications among the 7.300 in the Okta Integration Network