Competence days in Cloudworks

Competence days in Cloudworks

Around four times a year, everyone in Cloudworks gather to conduct a competence day. Maybe you are curious about how they are because you would like to work in Cloudworks?? If so, keep on reading!

So far, all our competence days have taken place at different destinations. Both Kragerø (Norway), London, different meeting rooms and other locations in Oslo and Akershus have had us visiting. This has been part of setting a unique frame for the day.

We have had competence days where our partners were responsible for the planning, like when we visited three of them in London. We have also had the hackathon concept as a format.

Planning on Workplace from Meta

We continuously adjust and find the shape of the competence days as the company develops and expands. We customize each competence day in advance at Workplace from Meta. There we discuss our needs for technical updates, which areas that need elaboration or have to be discussed more thoroughly. If anything needs additional planning it will be addressed at our weekly meeting in advance.

Presentations by employees

There are usually several employees that give a presentation on our competence days. These may be presentations focused on a relevant subject, or complementary to a new product on the market or from our partners. We analyze and draw lessons from customer cases, and evaluate proprietary solutions presented as potential opportunities for our customers. Regardless of the topic, there are always good discussions, and a lot of learning for all of us.

Gaurav demonstrating hacking of IoT

At our last competence day Gaurav had an intriguing presentation about the security and hacking of IoT. He has through many courses immersed himself in this topic, and attended earlier this fall a week of training at the event “Hack in Paris”.

With great eagerness he demonstrated how he hacked into a wireless doorbell, which he then remotely controlled from his computer. He did this by first intercepting the radio waves to analyze these and read out the commands. Then he simulated the commands and sent them out at the same frequency. Both fun and scary at the same time!


Group work

Very often we set aside plenty of time for group work. When we are all gathered, it is important to discuss and work with relevant areas. We always want to conclude and draw up plans for further progress for what we have achieved. In addition, we often go through the company's strategy, as well as plans for raising expertise and certifications. In an otherwise hectic work day, it is good to look at the road ahead and make the necessary strategic adjustments for further development and growth.

The fact that Alexander pulls consultants out of projects where we make money, to invest time in our and the company's development, also means that Cloudworks is an employer that really sees the value in us. This is further emphasized by the fact that we can - and indeed are expected - to contribute to the company's strategy.

Ragnar Storstrøm, Security Architect IAM

Good colleagues

The best thing about our competence days is that we all are together. We enjoy each other’s company, and the humor is loose. We usually round off with a joint dinner.

Pictures from our competence day in August 2019