Celebrating three ISO certifications: quality, environment and security

Celebrating three ISO certifications: quality, environment and security

Our three ISO certifications are an assurance that Cloudworks is a reliable partner committed to the highest standard in quality management, environmental management, and information security.

This year we are celebrating a special milestone by achieving ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certifications for the entire company. This means that Cloudworks in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden now hold the certifications for Quality Management System (QMS), Environment Management System (EMS), and Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The ISO certifications prove our commitment to security and control. We work systematically to define, structure, and streamline our work processes to ensure the highest quality and safety in our work.

What do the ISO certifications mean for Cloudworks and our customers?

An ISO certification is a globally recognized mark of compliance with the highest international standards set by The International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Here's what each certification means for Cloudworks and our clients:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems - QMS): Ensures we consistently meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements through a systematic approach to quality management.
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems - EMS): Demonstrates our commitment to minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability in our operations.
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems - ISMS): Provides a framework for safeguarding against security threats, ensuring the protection of valuable information through best practices in security.

An extensive certification process

Achieving ISO certifications has been a long-lasting process that demanded dedication, attention, and careful planning.

Over the past 12 months, parallel certification processes have been underway across the entire Cloudworks with expert assistance from the consulting company Habberstad.

This has resulted in increased  focus on robust procedures, routines, and security measures for all systems, alongside security awareness training to all staff. Since the beginning, our aim has been to smoothly integrate ISO's standards into our daily operations, fostering continuous improvement and knowledge.

A collective effort 

Many of our colleagues have been involved in the processes around the ISO certifications, contributing with a wide range of different skills.

For Cloudworks' CISO, Rikard Strand, functional security has been particularly important. This means that security is an integrated part of everyday life and work processes:

We continuously and methodically implement security measures throughout the entire company to enhance the protection of what is valuable to our customers. Security encompasses processes, technology, and people – and I am proud to have colleagues who are deeply dedicated to security!



More than just proof on paper

Our three ISO certifications in quality management, environmental management, and information security confirm our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety across Cloudworks.

At Cloudworks, we have always set high standards for ourselves, and our ISO certifications are solid proof of this. These certifications are a testament to the hard work of our team, and I am proud to lead a group that tackles tasks with unwavering dedication and determination.

Alexander Friedensburg, Managing Director of Cloudworks 

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