Highlights from Bangalore Developer Conference 2024

Highlights from Bangalore Developer Conference 2024

As a long-term partner of OpenText, we once again participated in the Bangalore Developer Conference 2024 in India. It was two days of workshops and five days of technical sessions at the OpenText Deployment Centre, filled with lively discussions and the latest updates.

The Bangalore Developer Conference 2024 is exclusively for technical customers and partner organizations and is a blend of innovation, learning, and collaboration with developers and product managers from OpenText. This year, IAM consultants Narayanan Hariharan and Anders Magnus Rikala Olsen represented Cloudworks at the event.

Some highlights from the conference

  • Docker Containers

    One of the most exciting sessions of the conference was led by Rodrigo Gomez, Senior Support Engineer at OpenText, who delved into the transformative potential of Docker Containers in Identity Manager.

    Participants gained hands-on experience in creating and managing Docker containers, and through interactive sessions and practical demonstrations the workshop provided valuable insights into optimizing containerized environments, resulting in enhanced efficiency and scalability.

  • Leveraging forms in Identity Manager

    The conference was filled with interesting discussions. A highlight was the workshop on developing forms for OpenText NetIQ Identity Manager. Here, participants gained valuable insights into designing intuitive and user-centric forms tailored to processes within Identity Governance and Access Management.

    The discussions focused on best practices for form design, emphasizing the importance of user experience in facilitating seamless data management within Identity Management systems.

  • A sneak peak at the new version of OpenText's SaaS solution

    Another highlight from the conference was a presentation of the upcoming version of OpenText's SaaS solution. The session provided a sneak peek at the new advanced features and enhancements, equipping participants to anticipate and prepare for the evolution in identity and the integration and migration from off-cloud to on-cloud.

    Additionally, there was a chance to test the SaaS solution and experience the new features in practice.

  • New features for OpenText NetIQ Identity Manager

    At the conference, OpenText revealed new enhancements for their Identity Management solution like the transition to Universal Base Image and the Single Tenant SaaS option that demonstrates a commitment to advancing security and customization. 

    The session also covered an update to the OpenSSL v3 that ensures compliance with the latest security protocols and the implementation of the forms.io engine, emphasizing a seamless user experience. 

  • The new administration tool 

    Another major highlight was the introduction of Identity Console, a unified administration console for managing OpenText's multiple administrations tools under one umbrella. This centralized platform offers streamlined administration, simplified workflows, and enhanced automation capabilities through APIs, empowering organizations to efficiently manage their identity infrastructure. 

  • Streamlining updates and collaborations with Package Deployment Tool

    The conference also highlighted the enhanced Package Deployment Tool, with its improved installer that streamlines the deployment process, reduces installation time, and minimizes potential errors or issues during setup. 

    The session also showcased the Package Deployment Tool's novel use of Git repositories for team collaboration, giving a more dynamic workflow when building packages and a stable base for reusing packages in drivers or when sharing with multiple customers. 

  • NetIQ Privileged Access Management (PAM)

    OpenText's PAM solution took center stage in a session that explored its latest performance enhancements and the introduction of a new IDM driver, expanding its integration capabilities. 

    The presentation detailed how the PAM solution's comprehensive approach to managing privileged accounts, enforcing security controls, and providing detailed auditing and reporting ensures a robust defense mechanism for sensitive systems and data.

Bringing new knowledge back home

With fresh new knowledge and experiences, Nara and Anders Magnus have excitedly shared this with the rest of their colleagues at Cloudworks and started to implement it in ongoing customer projects. The conference has once again proven to be immensely valuable in strengthening our partnership with OpenText and keeping us updated with the latest technology.