A driven IAM veteran joins Cloudworks!

A driven IAM veteran joins Cloudworks!

After 15 years of work within Identity and Access Management (IAM), he can be reckoned as a veteran. Now we have the pleasure of welcoming Trond Sand to the Cloudworks team!

– It will be great to have Trond on board as an IAM advisor. He has many years of experience in identity work, and will be a great sparring partner, says Kim Sørensen, Country Manager in Denmark.

Trond will work from Copenhagen and is looking forward to helping to build up the Danish team that was established at the beginning of 2022. Read more about Cloudworks + Denmark = True love!

– I have been looking for a company where I could have a longer-term relationship with the customers and became very interested when a recruiter called and told me about Cloudworks, says Trond.

Being able to get to know the customer well through IAM advice and implementation, in addition to helping to build up Cloudworks in Denmark, I find very exciting.


An «out-of-the-box» employee

According to Kim, Trond is so experienced and skilled that he can start the work from his first day - "out-of-the-box"-ready in other words.

– Of course, he will have some onboarding, but he has so much experience with identity solutions that he will work with customers straight away, says Kim.

– His profile fits so well with us, and I really think this is the right place for him. Not least, he is a super nice and sociable guy who will be easy to work with!

In his years within the IAM area, Trond has worked with everything from strategy and consultancy to implementation, configuration, operation, optimization and compliance.

I am well acquainted with the field of IAM, both the principles, the technology and the customer's IAM challenges, regardless of whether they have a system to be optimized or whether they are starting from scratch without a system, says Trond.


Happy about «one Cloudworks»

Although Trond will work in Copenhagen, an important point for Cloudworks is that there are no silos in any way in the organization – not even when it comes to geography. Customers should have access to the very best resources for the job in question, regardless of where they are located.

This means that Trond will also work with Norwegian customers - something he really appreciates. He has family and many good memories from Norway.

– I love Norway! My mother comes from Trondheim, and many of my childhood holidays were in Norway. So, I'm very much looking forward to working with Norwegian customers and hopefully visiting the country a lot, he says.

– I am also looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues. I have already met many of them, and they are really talented people who work well with each other.