Cloudworks + Denmark = True love!

Cloudworks + Denmark = True love!

We are expanding and have great faith in a mutual love relationship in Denmark! With Kim Sørensen as the new Country Manager, we are ready to enter the Danish market.

Since the start in 2015, Cloudworks have had a fantastic journey in Norway. From Identity and Access Management (IAM) was almost a well-kept secret that few organizations were aware of, to the adoption of cloud services has accelerated.

We are now ready to take the same journey in Denmark - and we believe Denmark is ready for us!

Alexander Friedensburg

- What we have delivered in Norway is also relevant in Denmark. We have built a lot of experience and developed a number of delivery concepts that can be transferred to the Danish market, says Managing Director Alexander Friedensburg.

He is nevertheless clear that one should have great respect for entering a new region. It is important that the investment is locally based. That is why we have put in place Country Manager Kim Sørensen, who will build up a Danish team.

Kim really impresses me. He has a lot of courage and a good understanding of the IAM industry and the entire customer journey. He is simply a great talent, Alexander says.

Enter with the Danish "no bullshit" mentality

It's easy to notice the boldness Alexander is talking about. Kim says that from the first meeting to discuss whether he was interested in the job as country manager, Alexander and he started planning how to start the office in Denmark - not if he wanted to.

Kim Sørensen- These are very exciting times, and a lot happens at once. We have now launched new websites that are also available in Danish. We already have meetings with potential Danish customers and employees, and we are planning a kick-off, Kim says enthusiastically and at a high pace.

Kim believes the market in Denmark has great potential. We expect that Danish companies' increased adoption of cloud services and the evolution within electronic identities (eID) such as NemID and MitID, will characterize the development in the industry in the future. These are areas Cloudworks has worked with for a long time and the Danish market will benefit greatly from the broad competence and service offering.

At the same time, Cloudworks may benefit from some Danish impulses into the company:
- We Danes are a little more straightforward than Norwegians, who are perhaps a little more careful - we do not go around the porridge. I will probably contribute to us daring to take a little more space and get more of the Danish "no bullshit" mentality into the company, says Kim with a twinkle in his eye.

One Cloudworks – no silos

As mentioned, Kim is already in the process of building up his team in Denmark, and he is optimistic that they will be able to attract good candidates, even though the battle for IT expertise is tough.

Cloudworks does things a little differently, which I think is attractive to employees and that in turn benefits customers. We have a large professional environment that has a strong focus on competence building. The structure is flat, the culture is down to earth, and there is a high degree of flexibility. In general, we are focused on the employees' well-being, and having a relaxed and good workplace, he says.

Even though we are now establishing ourselves in Denmark, it is important that we continue to be one company and one professional environment - there should be no silos. Not Cloudworks Norway and Cloudworks Denmark - it's just Cloudworks. This means that Kim has gone straight into a work environment with many good colleagues - and that our Danish customers can benefit from all of Cloudworks' expertise and delivery power from day one.

Photo: Country Manager Kim Sørensen and Managing Director Alexander Friedensburg