From trainee to customer favorite with Cloudworks Academy

From trainee to customer favorite with Cloudworks Academy

With Cloudworks Academy and with a burning commitment, Kristian Nilssen has developed into a skilled IAM consultant. Read more about the learning program and his journey in Cloudworks.

Cloudworks Academy

Cloudworks was established due to an enormous demand for expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM). Not only technically, but also at the organizational and process level. This knowledge is difficult to find in today's market and is also not taught to a good enough degree in school.

In order for us to be able to develop the company further and meet an ever-increasing need, the solution was to develop the learning program Cloudworks Academy. We employ those with a great commitment to IAM, but who do not necessarily have the full competence needed. They get a tailor-made scheme that is adapted to their starting point and goals.

IAM consultant Kristian Nilssen

Kristian Nilssen was the first to complete Cloudworks Academy, and is also a living proof of what can be achieved if you work successively over a longer period of time towards a strategic goal.

He has a bachelor's degree in economics from the USA, and worked earlier with credit and risk in various companies. In the interview process, Kristian impressed us with an IT knowledge that was not as obvious with his background, and he eagerly told how he automated away large parts of his previous work tasks using macros in Excel.

Buddy program

Through a buddy program in Cloudworks, Kristian observed other consultants working on the Micro Focus NetIQ platform. At the same time he took courses and studied on his own. He was curious and eager to learn, and had a great desire to become an IAM consultant. Soon Kristian used his skills on support cases with assistance from colleagues.

After about a year working on support cases, Kristian got his first major consulting assignment, which was to connect a new HR system to the customer's IAM system. Kristian solved this task with brilliance together with his buddy and Micro Focus NetIQ expert Ragnar Storstrøm.

Kristian actually solved the task so well that he was subsequently promoted from junior consultant to consultant before the plan. This was well deserved after his enormous development and effort from the very beginning.

A customer favorite

After that, Kristian's rocket has gained even more speed. He has become a customer favorite who understands their needs, keeps them updated and always delivers high quality work.

Over the past year, Kristian has worked 100% as a consultant in major team deliveries from Cloudworks. Recently, he also took two very demanding Micro Focus NetIQ certifications, namely Identity Manager Certified Professional and Identity Manager Certified Expert.

With competence development as the core

Kristian's development is for us another proof that it pays to invest in our employees. So far, as many as 6 of our consultants have completed Cloudworks Academy, and there will be more!

We are a bunch of good colleagues in Cloudworks, who have a burning commitment to digital identities and cloud security. Continuous professional development is very important to us, and we invest a lot of time and effort - both individually and as a company.

Our competence development include among other things:

  • A competence plan that follows the strategy of the company, also at the individual level
  • A bonus scheme that means that you as a consultant get a pretty juicy bonus when you pass certifications (given that you also have a given number of assignments with our customers).
  • Quarterly competence collections where everyone is brought in from assignments
  • Weekly product meetings where the consultants who work with the same product meet to discuss and share knowledge, as well as be updated through presentations from the supplier
  • Tech corner where demos of solutions we build for our customers are held regularly

Did you know that Cloudworks usually delivers a team to the customer rather than a single consultant?

Our experience is that a customer's IAM needs are so comprehensive that the best solution is to identify needs, and then put together an IAM DevOps team that successively and agilely assists the customer depending on needs.

Read more about Cloudworks IAM DevOps.