The new Asker municipality ensures internal communication with Workplace from Meta

The new Asker municipality ensures internal communication with Workplace from Meta

When the municipalities Røyken, Hurum and Asker merge into the new Asker municipality 1 January 2020, Workplace from Meta has been an important tool. The platform will help strengthen internal communication between employees in the three municipalities in advance to ensure a successful establishment, and will continue to be the central collaboration and communication tool in the further construction of the new municipality.

With Workplace, we provide essential information about the merger at the same time to all 6,000 employees. We now also have a good tool for building common identity and culture in the conversion process. We thank Cloudworks for a good cooperation and superb support along the way.

Asker municipality project group

The new Asker municipality

The new Asker municipality is a municipal assembly of three existing municipalities: Røyken, Hurum and Asker. They will be the new Asker municipality from 1 January 2020. 6000 employees will be affected by the merger. The new Asker municipality will have 91,000 inhabitants.

Uniform communication

The project group of the new Asker municipality, wanted to strengthen the extensive change process prior to the municipal assembly, and aimed at ensuring that employees in the three municipalities receive equal information at the same time. They also wanted a tool that could help build common culture between the employees in the three municipalities and the sharing of professional knowledge. The enterprise collaboration and communication platform Workplace from Meta was chosen as a tool to achieve this, and Cloudworks became involved as an implementation partner.

Solid preparation

A close and good collaboration between Cloudworks and the project group for the new Asker municipality, secured a good technical and organizational implementation.


Prior to launch, a lot of work was done with group structure, training and courses. Communication and change management were also important tools for creating engagement and internal anchoring.

Cloudworks integrated Workplace from Meta with the municipalities’ Azure Active Directory for integrated authentication and user management. In addition, Workplace from Meta was launched at the same time in the three municipalities as an important part of building the community.

Workplace helps achieve the goals

Since the launch of Workplace from Meta in June 2018, the platform has been the main channel for internal communications in the three municipalities. Workplace has replaced the intranet as a channel for news and updates in the three municipalities.

The employees interact, communicate, share information and connect easily across borders. Shared information is distributed through the tool. An important success criterion is that Workplace is anchored in the top management team.