A forward-looking municipality with Workplace from Meta

A forward-looking municipality with Workplace from Meta

Together with a committed project team at the Finnish municipality of Riihimäki, Cloudworks successfully implemented Workplace from Meta for the municipality's employees. The tool simplifies cooperation across the municipality, especially during the time with many working from home, and has become important for disseminating information during the pandemic.

Riihimäki is a Finnish city and municipality in Kanta-Häme. The municipality has around 28,500 inhabitants, and borders the municipalities of Hausjärvi, Hyvinge, Janakkala and Loppi.

Riihimäki wanted a contemporary solution

With an outdated intranet and a lack of other communication solutions, the municipality of Riihimäki needed a new tool. Workplace from Meta was chosen since they wanted a contemporary solution that also gave room for two-way communication.

Cloudworks as an implementation partner

In addition to our close collaboration with Meta, Cloudworks was chosen as a partner due to our broad experience from implementations of the tool both in different countries and also in the public sector.

Digital collaboration across national borders

The municipality established a project group consisting of HR, communication and IT. Due to closed national borders in connection with the corona situation, all cooperation between Cloudworks and the project group was carried out digitally.

Although we prefer to meet the project team physically, we have conducted several implementations digitally. You go a long way with good tools for collaboration and a good portion of commitment from all project participants.

Through regular video meetings, we went through all the criteria that had to be in place before the implementation was to start. In addition, we also had a joint working group at Workplace where daily questions were answered of a technical and organizational nature.

Pioneer in collaboration

We started with a pilot of around 200 employees, and a good group structure was prepared based on the wishes that emerged.

It is not uncommon with a cleanup in the user directory of a company before the implementation of a new system, and Cloudworks assisted in the work of getting this in place for Riihimäki.

Thus, everything was in place for the roll-out of Workplace for the rest of the municipality's employees, and Riihimäki is now a pioneer in collaboration in public sector in Finland.

Workplace from Meta has been an important tool for disseminating information during the pandemic. It has also made it easier for employees to find resources across the municipality, especially in a demanding situation with many working from home.

Photo: The project team in the municipality Katja Törrönen, Mia Miettinen, Markku Anttila together with Thea Angelo and Rikard Strand in Cloudworks.