A new way to communicate at NIBIO

A new way to communicate at NIBIO

In an organization with many locations, it can be difficult to know where to go for answers. This was also one of the main findings that the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy (NIBIO) made after conducting an internal study. Finding employees is one of the most important tasks that should be solved with an internal communication tool. Everything from contact information to who works in key areas such as HR, IT and payroll.

Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy (NIBIO)

NIBIO conducts research on and shares knowledge about food and plant production, the environment, maps, land use, gene resources, forests, business, and social economy. They are spread across 15 different locations throughout Norway and are approximately 700 employees in total. 

Need for a good tool for internal communication

One of the takeaways from the internal study was the employees’ wish for more information from management, as well as knowledge sharing throughout the organization.

A lingering need from the merger they carried out in 2015 was getting to know each other across locations and departments. Also, like it is in many other organizations, it was important to be able to fully access information from mobile devices.


Morten Günther and Camilla Baumann from NIBIO in the middle. Cathrine Wilhelmsen to the left and Maria Carlsson to the right from Cloudworks.

The solution was Workplace from Meta

NIBIO chose Workplace from Meta as their internal communication tool, and Cloudworks assisted with the implementation.

The technical architecture was set up to ensure that the relevant IT solutions were properly integrated, and presented employees with a seamless experience when they logged on.

Good communication is essential when introducing new ways of working. Change managers at Cloudworks prepared communication plans and informational material, and in cooperation with the local project group, this was announced and distributed throughout in the organization.

The right information for the right user

With a learning organization like NIBIO, a good group structure is crucial. The right information should reach the right user, and it is important that the employees do not get lost among a multitude of groups. Enforcing a good naming standard has solved many of the challenges and facilitated the sharing of skills across professional groups.

Through their own training and inspiration for leaders, they were motivated to use the tool. Those who did not have the time to attend the training live had the opportunity to watch the recording on their own at Workplace.

98,4% adoption rate the first month

Two months after starting the project, Workplace was launched to the 700 employees of NIBIO at all locations across Norway. The tool was a success with an adoption rate of 98,4% already in the first month after launch!

When we decided to employ Workplace in NIBIO, we had three goals in mind: effective communication of information and news, greater openness and a better culture of sharing across the organization. Already after a month of use, it looks like Workplace is working as we hoped. It also seems easier for employees to stay up to date. As expected, Workplace has been met with both cheers and skepticism. We are excited about the continuation and hope for even greater overweight of cheer eventually.


Morten Günther, Communications Advisor