Digitized access control at Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital

Digitized access control at Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital

Cloudworks was chosen as a development partner in the digitization of the hospital’s access control routines. The IDM-solution that was developed, replaces manual processes and has streamlined user management. Now users and rights are automatically created and removed in the hospital’s central IT systems.

With help from Cloudworks, we have automated access control at the hospital. This saves us a lot of work and we avoid previous employees having access they no longer should have.

Magne Dahlberg, IT Director

Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital

The hospital is a local hospital for approximately 176,000 inhabitants in several districts in Oslo, providing services within internal medicine and psychiatry. Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital has extensive facilities for surgery as well as special functions like hospice and the National Oral Medicine Center, TAKO. The hospital has about 1300 FTEs.

Effective user management

In close collaboration with the hospital, Cloudworks developed a solution that manages access to the hospital’s professional applications and adjoining systems. The components developed in this collaboration are part of Cloudworks’ IDM Solution for Health Care: Cloudworks Healthcare IDM.

The core of the solution is a model that links information about the user’s employment, department and position together with the rights the user should have in the subject systems. This matrix is kept automatically updated and ensures that changes in employment conditions immediately affect user access. As a result, the IT department avoids manual handling of changes, saving the hospital for many hours of work – every single day.

HR-system is the source of truth

Integration with the HR system ensures consistency between employee information registered by the human resources department, and user identities and authorizations in the hospital’s various IT systems. This ensures fast and consistent process flow upon appointment and, more importantly, ensures that all permissions are removed at the end of the employment contract.

Integration with public registers

Through integration with the E-prescription and the Health Care Registry, the hospital uses central, public services and registers to provide a better and more effective service for its patients. When employing a healthcare professional, the solution automatically verifies that necessary permissions exist, and raises an alert if any discrepancies are detected among existing healthcare professionals.