Höegh Autoliners increased their security with automated access management

Höegh Autoliners increased their security with automated access management

With an Identity Governance solution (IGA) from Micro Focus, Höegh Autoliners has streamlined their access control and improved the security of their own employees and partners.

Global organization

Höegh Autoliners is a leading global provider of transport and logistics services within the "Roll-on-Roll-off" segment (RoRo). The company has 450 employees and their head office is in Oslo.

Challenging access management

Adaptions in the delivery model have affected the way Höegh Autoliners operate today. The company has outsourced many operational tasks and works closely with agents worldwide. Only employees of the agents who actually work with Höegh should have access to the company's business systems, primarily by considerations of confidentiality.

Distributed access management

The work with access management was becoming more and more challenging with several agents and all the people working for them. In a needs analysis, it emerged that the company wanted to streamline access management and increase security. The agents were therefore made responsible for managing their employees' access to Höegh Autoliners' business systems. The access is dependent on the tasks the individual employee is to perform and within the security context Höegh Autoliners has assigned to the agent.

Standardization of access

Access was standardized based on the role model Role-Based-Access-Control that links access to the user's tasks and responsibilities. For Höegh's global organization, equal roles and regulations for all agents contribute to simplification and scalability.

Governance campaigns ensure confidentiality

In order to ensure confidentiality at all times, agents must regularly recertify access for their employees. This recertification is organized as Governance campaigns. These are implemented automatically, where staff managers confirm or disprove existing access. Any changes are implemented immediately and the implementation of the Governance campaign itself is logged for later reference. In this way, Höegh documents their ongoing security work.

Automation ensures confidentiality and efficiency

Automation of access management brings many benefits, including strengthening security. When making identity changes manually, it can be easy to forget that access should not only be granted but also removed. An automated system ensures that a user has access based on position and actual needs. With access management, Höegh ensures the confidentiality and efficiency of on- and offboarding processes.

Technology: Micro Focus