Elkjøp Nordic AS has increased profitability with Office 365

Elkjøp Nordic AS has increased profitability with Office 365

Elkjøp Nordic AS asked Cloudworks to assist in organising and migrating the Group’s office support applications to Office 365. Now the company’s IT department can focus on more important tasks. The services are just “click and go”

The assistance from Cloudworks has been invaluable to ensure high quality in the implementation of Office 365 for the Group’s 1,300 administrative users.

Geir Nøstdahl, Head of IT Digital Services

Largest in the Nordics

Elkjøp Nordic AS is the Nordic region’s largest trading company in consumer electronics and electrical household appliances, and consists of over 400 warehouses in the Nordic region with a total of around 13,000 employees.

Important preparations

Good planning and careful preparation were essential to ensure good quality. Thorough testing further contributed to quality assurance. User workspaces had to be upgraded, and data quality guaranteed. New Office suite was rolled out to give access to new functionality in Office 365. This helped to avoid surprises later in the project.

Hidden migration

Migration projects often require service interruptions, especially when large amounts of data are to be transferred. In this project, that was not the case. Both the new and the old email service were integrated into a hybrid solution, so data transfer could take place in the background and hidden for the user. Thus, the organisation barely noticed migration other than having access to new functionality.

Strengthened competitiveness

Office 365 is a “Software-as-a-Service” – that is applications delivered as a service. The biggest advantage with such a service, is that Elkjøp Nordic AS no longer needs to maintain office support services. Thus, the IT department can shift focus from standard products to the Group’s core systems, thereby strengthening Elkjøp’s competitive edge.