Need to quickly establish a collaboration tool?

Need to quickly establish a collaboration tool?

With a digital and hybrid workplace where home office and the cabin is just as normal, there is a need for flexible IT-solutions. The employees can find it difficult to stay connected and motivated if they do not have good ways to meet. The solution is Workplace from Meta!

Workplace from Meta connect all the employees

The enterprise collaboration and communication platform Workplace from Meta connects all the employees of a company. The tool is easy to use and provides good opportunities for collaboration. It is available on both desktop and mobile. Features such as video calls, chat, file sharing and communication across the organization through groups, help to ensure good collaboration and keep the employees updated and informed.

Change management is important to ensure success

To be a success, the implementation should be about the people, the organization and how the solution contributes to a more satisfying working day for the employees. Change management is with other words important, and solid planning before a launch ensure engagement and full utilization of the tool.

The basic implementation package Quick

Some companies would like to quickly get up and running with a good collaboration tool. That is why we have developed a basic implementation package that we call Quick. See details below.

All work can be done remotely!

Our Quick implementation package includes:

  • Start-up meeting and working meeting, basis
  • Technical assistance. This requires that the users already exist in a user directory
  • Information on data security and privacy
  • Get the knowledge library in place, and advice on static content, basis
  • Group structure, basis
  • Launch planning, basis
  • Inspiration and follow-up after launch, basis
  • Project management (reporting, facilitation), basis
  • Communication plan, basis
  • Content and communication package, option

Price: NOK 75,000,- excl. VAT

Recommended for organizations that have their own resources to drive implementation.

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