Five tips to improve internal communication in your company

Five tips to improve internal communication in your company

Internal communication has become more important now than ever. More distance and more use of the home office creates new needs for ways to both communicate and collaborate internally. With the right tools, processes and routines, you have come a long way, but what does it really take to improve internal communication?

1. Communicate what employees need and want to know

Surprisingly many companies still practice only one-way internal communication, and send out newsletters, common emails or posting news on the intranet. The reading rate for such information is often low. Therefore it is important to base your information on what your employees care about, and what type of information they are typically looking for. Sharing your company's strategy and goals in a more accessible way, and encouraging communication across departments is something most companies will benefit from.

2. Have a plan for where to find information

It's perfectly fine to have several different communication tools, as long as you have a plan for where employees can actually find the information. If you save or publish similar information on various platforms, it will be difficult for your employees to navigate - and know what is the preferred channel for the different types of information. Create a channel strategy and share it with your employees.

Access to information provides knowledge about the company's well-being, and it builds commitment that benefits the entire company.

3. Use the right technology for the right purpose

Different companies have different needs. If employees log into an inbox bursting with internal emails, the information will be challenging to process. In order for the information to reach the employees, you may want to take a look at a social communication tool. The statistics indicate that you will reach far more people.

4. Appropriate access to systems

Do not forget your deskless employees or the ones not working in front of a computer everyday. They also need to stay up to date on what is happening in the company. Make sure all employees have access to the systems they need. Having a communication solution that works on both desktop and mobile is necessary in order to achieve this.

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5. Create a sharing culture

Good internal communications creates a positive company culture. Share important information, as well as positive news with one another. Do not underestimate the effects of sharing. The return of a sharing culture is increased value creation, and at the same time your employees have more fun at work.