All your information in one place with Workplace and Knowledge Library

All your information in one place with Workplace and Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library feature in Workplace from Meta is a place for your company’s key resources. Here your static information like the employee handbook can be created and stored. It can easily be accessed and shared by all the employees both on mobile and desktop. Thus, Workplace facilitates that all information can be gathered in one place. Simple and time-saving.

Workplace from Meta is a tool where all employees can collaborate and communicate with each other across the company. With the Knowledge Library feature launched earlier this year, your company can gather all your information in one place.

Knowledge Library is integrated in Workplace without any additional costs and is designed to create a great user experience throughout all devices. The landing page of the feature guides employees to resources they have access to. They can search for content, share it and comment in group posts.

How to get started

If you are an admin of your company's Workplace, you can create and edit content in Knowledge Library.


  • The entry to the Knowledge Library is in the Explore Menu under the News Feed.


  • Start by creating useful top-level categories to ensure that the employees are easily finding information.
  • Each category can contain information and/or subcategories to create a structure.


  • Design is minimized to achieve a good readability and usability throughout all devices, including mobile devices.
  • Create and edit content with the user-friendly editor either by scratch or with a template.
  • The editor includes rich editing, uploading of files and pictures/videos, in addition to linking and embedding of videos.


  • All created categories and drafts remain visible only to administrators unless published. This ensures that you can do changes without anyone noticing.
  • When you publish, you can decide who can see each category based on department, job title or location, specific groups or everyone in the organization.
  • Just like for standard group settings in Workplace, everyone with access to the category will receive a notification when something is published.
  • A subcategory can only be published if the category above has also been published.

Inspiration to content

When you start with Knowledge Library it makes sense to begin with information everybody needs regularly. We have seen some really good examples of content, and here are some of our favorites:

  • Employee handbook
    Easy access to information on rights and obligations
  • Employee benefits
    Overview of all benefits for the employees
  • Marketing materials
    One place for all marketing materials and templates
  • Our company
    Information about the company, department presentations, the products and company processes
  • Process library
    An overview of all routines and processes organized per business unit or function
  • Services library
    A presentation of the organization's official services and applications and how to request access
  • Covid-19 information
    Condensed, reliable and accurate information regarding how the organization work with the Covid-19 situation

Migrate SharePoint to Knowledge Library

SharePoint is a powerful tool to build a formal and structured intranet for your employees. Knowledge Library is not intended or designed to replace SharePoint altogether or to be the sole solution for storing static content. However, SharePoint lacks the possibility to build a community, something that is at the very heart of Workplace.

Frontline employees, who often only have a mobile phone or work on a shared computer, are sometimes left out or having trouble accessing content on a separate platform. This is where the Knowledge Library comes in.

With the Knowledge Library you can move static content that is of use to everybody in the organization to the place where everybody connects.

When moving content from other systems like Sharepoint or any other CMS, it's important to think of:

  • Which parts of the content that are required
  • How to structure it
  • And in some cases, how to restructure the information

Content should be available to the correct employees and easy understandable with naming convention and a good navigation. In most cases it makes sense to remove historically content, and include only the most recent and essential information.

For a transitional period, the moved content can still be available in both systems. A defined end date for the source should be communicated, and from that point in time it should either be removed or access should be restricted. It is, however, important to make it clear to all the employees that the Knowledge Library in Workplace from Meta will be the only one that is updated during this period.

Would you like a demo?

If you would like a demonstration of how Knowledge Library could work for your organization, please reach out to us here and we will find a time for a free demo and consultation.