How much does Workplace from Meta cost?

How much does Workplace from Meta cost?

Learn more about what Workplace from Meta costs, which implementation package suits your organization and why you should buy through Cloudworks.

Workplace from Meta is an internal collaboration and communication platform for companies that is user-friendly and easy to use for all employees. The tool is available on mobile and desktop, and engages and simplifies collaboration across organizations. Workplace is also effective for companies that have many employees who do not work in offices such as store employees, craftsmen and door sellers.

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Why buy Workplace from Meta through Cloudworks?

The advantage of buying licenses through us is that we become your Norwegian point of contact for any questions or changes. In addition, as our customer, you will be prioritized when you need technical or organizational assistance.

If you buy licenses for Workplace directly from Meta, a monthly amount is automatically deducted from your bank account. When buying through Cloudworks, you will receive a monthly invoice from us, and there might be opportunities to negotiate on the price.

We will help you with a successful implementation

Regardless of whether you want to buy licenses through us, we are happy to assist you in implementing Workplace. Thorough planning in advance ensures commitment and full utilization of the tool.


Our change managers and technical consultants have solid experience in implementing Workplace for both private and public organizations, in both Norway and abroad. Thus, we know well what it takes to succeed with Workplace.

The Workplace platform is continuously developed and improved. Our enthusiastic team has worked with Workplace right from the start, and has always updated knowledge about the tool. As a Workplace partner, we work closely with Meta and ensure that our customers are given priority. 

Our implementation packages

How much assistance you will need depends on both the size of the organization and the capacity within. We adapt to your needs, and can assist with all aspects of implementation and operations, change management, training, functional and technical implementation. We can also help with identity and access management, cloud security and SaaS applications.

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We operate with three different implementation packages: Quick launch, Popular and Premium.

 Quick launch

Our quick launch package is recommended for companies that have their own resources to lead the implementation. The package costs 50,000 NOK excl. VAT.


The implementation package we call popular is the one most of our customers choose. It is recommended for companies that need assistance, but are also able to create content in the channel themselves. Popular costs 200,000 NOK excl. VAT.


Recommended for companies with more than 500 employees, or who have limited resources to work with the implementation. Premium costs 400,000 NOK excl. VAT.

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What does a Workplace license cost?

The license cost for Workplace from Meta is based on the number of employees and is $ 4 per employee / month. The pricing model is called Workplace Core, and includes a full-fledged platform rich in functionality. The tool is for all employees also for those who do not have a typical office job such as store employees, waiters or craftsmen. At high volumes, there is the possibility of discounts.

A couple of additional functions are possible in addition to an extension such as extended support directly from Meta for larger organizations with more sophisticated needs.

If your company is a non-profit organization, you get a discounted license cost.

Workplace ♥ Okta bundle

When implementing Workplace, you should connect the tool to an identity management solution. We offer a bundle that combines licenses for both Workplace and Okta, and includes help with the implementation of Okta's identity management solution for Workplace.

Why should you link Workplace from Meta to an identity management solution, and what is it really?

Cloudworks as your implementation partner

At Cloudworks, we have the expertise you need in an implementation partner to ensure a successful launch. No matter what solution you go for, we are passionate about helping your company succeed and getting the most out of Workplace. Get in touch, and we can talk more about your needs and how we can help.