Workplace from Meta integrated with Okta’s IAM solution for NRC

Workplace from Meta integrated with Okta’s IAM solution for NRC

Norway’s largest humanitarian volunteer organization, Norwegian Refugee Council, uses Workplace from Meta along with Okta’s IAM solution. This facilitates safe and user-friendly communication and interaction, among NRC’s more than 6,000 employees and experts.

Cloudworks assisted with the technical adaptation of Workplace from Meta and onboarding of our employees. The solution they provided simplifies login for our employees and automates user management.

Peter Schiøler, Special Adviser Knowledge Technology at Norwegian Refugee Council

Delivering aid where needs are greatest

The Norwegian Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian organisation helping people forced to flee. NRC is a determined advocate for displaced people, and promotes and defends their rights and dignity. NRC has 6,000 employees worldwide. Most staff are hired locally to work in the field, and a small number are based at the headquarters in Oslo.

Workplace from Meta

Norwegian Refugee Council was quick to see the value of enterprise social networking, and is an “Early Adopter” of Workplace from Meta. Since the implementation was dependent on good user experiences, NRC wanted to offer “Single Sign-On” to ensure user-friendly authentication. Another requirement was to automate user provisioning in Workplace, removing the need to manually follow up the creation and removal of user identities and access.

Cloudworks’ cloud architects were engaged to integrate Workplace from Meta with the organisation’s existing Identity and Access Management solution from Okta, and assist with “onboarding” of NRC employees.

Today, NRC employees and experts can connect and collaborate in a secured Workplace environment, making NRC’s Workplace installation one of the world’s largest and most diverse humanitarian knowledge databases.

The foundation: IAM from Okta

Cloudworks had previously implemented the Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution from Okta for NRC. You can read more about it here. The market-leading solution (according to Gartner) has since been the organisation’s cloud integration platform for Single Sign-On authentication and integrated user management for enterprise applications.