🎙️Strengthening security with Privileged Access Management (PAM)

🎙️Strengthening security with Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Our guest Lee Elliot, Director of Solutions Engineering at BeyondTrust, and our host IAM Architect Arne Vedø-Hansen, explore how PAM plays a crucial role in mitigating new and emerging threats, securing infrastructure, and safeguarding identity architecture. 

Guest: Lee Elliot, Director of Solutions Engineering, BeyondTrust
Host: Arne Vedø-Hansen, IAM Architect, Cloudworks


CW_podcast_emoji_headset Summary of the episode


Introduction of PAM and its importance

  • An overview of the podcast discussion, introducing the concept of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and its critical role in cybersecurity.

The preventive power of PAM 

  • A deep dive into how PAM acts as a preventative measure against common cyber threats, including compromised identities, malware, and vulnerabilities.

Endpoint Privilege Management

  • Exploring the benefits and mechanisms of endpoint privilege management as a core strategy within PAM to limit malware execution and spread.

Application access and user rights management

  • Discussing the strategies for managing application access and user rights to uphold security without compromising operational efficiency.

Addressing the AI and ransomware evolution

  • Analysis of how AI advancements are influencing the cybersecurity landscape, particularly in the context of ransomware and social engineering attacks.

The challenge of identity security in the cloud

  • Focusing on the complexities of securing identities in cloud environments and the importance of a comprehensive approach to detect and mitigate threats.


Together with BeyondTrust, we will discuss how your company can strengthen its digital defense with PAM as a critical part of a successful security strategy.

Examples of attack techniques and PAM's role against digital vulnerabilities
How PAM adapts to changing security requirements
The role of PAM in Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR)
The practice of limiting access based on users' needs to minimize risk
Webinar recording: PAM and BeyondTrust
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