Reliability, dedication, and expertise


  By combining Microsoft Entra ID with our first-class Managed Service, your company is guaranteed a robust IAM solution, tailored to your needs.

  Our skilled support team is committed to ensuring that your IAM infrastructure operates at its best.

  With a dedicated Technical Account Manager and Customer Success Manager by your side, your company receives continuous support. 


Success Management

Our Customer Success team ensures that your company has the necessary tools and the right support to effectively achieve your goals. We continuously adapt and develop your company's Microsoft Entra ID solution, so that you can get the full benefit of your investment. With a personal Technical Account Manager, your company gets a professional sparring partner and IAM advisor always by your side, and our dedicated Customer Success Manager is responsible for ensuring your success.


Let our skilled Microsoft Entra ID support team assist you and your company. Your IAM infrastructure is in safe hands with our experienced IAM support team. Our support ensures that any issues are promptly resolved, regardless of the time they occur.


Our team of IAM specialists carry out a thorough review of your company's Microsoft Entra ID solution, focusing on security, performance and overall health. In this way, we ensure that the solution works without problems. We provide a detailed report and offer suggestions for enhancing and customizing your Entra ID solution further.


Our experienced team of IAM specialists and skilled developers are ready to adapt Microsoft Entra ID to your company's various needs. We help you maximize the value of Entra ID in your company and ensuring its continued optimal performance. 

Experienced IAM specialists


Our IAM specialists and architects are recognized as some of the leading security experts in Scandinavia.

The consultants continuously develop their competences by working exclusively with IAM projects, as well as through our tailored programs for competence development and initiatives for knowledge sharing. Our close partnerships with leading technology providers ensures that we stay informed about the latest products, solutions, and industry trends. 


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