Prevent cyber attacks by conducting a risk assessment of your IAM routines

Prevent cyber attacks by conducting a risk assessment of your IAM routines

Most cyber attacks are caused by compromised accounts. Identification and risk assessment related to identity and access management is fundamental when protecting the company against such critical incidents. 

Insufficient control over identity and access management exposes the company to vulnerability

Extensive use of cloud-based solutions, home office, personal IT equipment such as tablets and mobiles, as well as social media, tightens security requirements. Lack of control over the company's identity and access management makes the company vulnerable, and unauthorized access to the network, loss of sensitive documents and information can quickly become a reality.

Identity Governance provides a structured framework for the company's identity and access management. Here you can read more about 7 reasons why your company needs Identity Governance.

Poor identity and access control increases the risk of attack

Advanced security measures and solid firewalls are not sufficient to protect against attacks if the company does not have control over their identity and access management routines.

Weak authentication methods or applications that are not associated with the company's otherwise strong authentication method, constitute a risk to the security. The risk increases the more employees and other users who have unnecessary access, and can be an open way for cyber criminals to inflict great damage on the company. In addition, the company's vulnerability without sufficient access control also increases in that, for example, former employees still have access to sensitive information.

All activities that increase the company's vulnerability and the possibilities for unauthorized access or loss of business-critical data, a risk assessment should be made to see which ones are strictly necessary, as well as what can be done to secure them.

Risk assessment of the company's identity and access management

We offer a risk assessment of identity and access management for organizations in all industries. The risk assessment is an integral part of information security, and provides input to business-critical strategy processes regardless of the company's size and complexity.

The risk assessment is also included as part of the processes of complying with regulations. For example, GDPR 32 for handling sensitive personal data, or as an integral part of ISO 27001 activities.

The risk assessment includes the following main steps:

  • Preparation of an overview of:
    • Business-critical IT systems and / or those that contain information classified as confidential
    • User groups and roles
    • ML processes (Joiner, Mover, Leaver)
  • Workshop with key people
    • A guideword-based methodology will identify threats, evaluate consequences, identify measures and assess risk
  • Establish an overview of:
    • The most critical threats and risks
    • Define specific measures and actions to reduce the risk to an acceptable level, as well as ensure that regulations are complied with and that the measures can adapt to rapid digitization.CW_illustrasjon_communication