Export Credit Norway strengthens internal communications

Export Credit Norway strengthens internal communications

Export Credit Norway helps Norwegian exporters to succeed abroad, and by using Workplace from Meta as their internal communication platform, they have also succeeded in strengthening their own internal communications.

Cloudworks has been a constructive partner throughout the process and contributed to the successful implementation of Workplace from Meta for us. Now we have an effective tool that enables everyone in the organization to easily contribute, share and engage internally, and across departments and academic communities. This helps strengthen our internal community and build our culture further.

Ellen B. Svaheim, Head of Communication, Export Credit Norway

Helps Norwegian exporters to succeed abroad

Export Credit Norway helps Norwegian exporters to succeed abroad by offering Norwegian and foreign companies competitive financing when buying goods and services from Norwegian exporters. Export Credit Norway is a state-owned company and has almost 50 employees.

Traditional internal communication

Like many companies, Export Credit Norway, previously used intranet as their main channel for its internal communication. The Communication Department was responsible for publishing the information. The solution provided little opportunity for two-way communication, and with many employees traveling, valuable updates and information were missed.

Technical implementation of Workplace from Meta

The Communication Department in Export Credit Norway understood the value of getting in place a social interaction platform like Workplace from Meta. Cloudworks was chosen as a supplier to assist them with the implementation.

On the technical side, Cloudworks integrated Workplace from Meta to Export Credit’s Azure Active Directory for Single Sign-On and User Handling.

Export Credits also wanted to continue their RSS feed. It retrieved relevant news from the internet and upload them on a continuous and automatic basis to their intranet. Since Workplace did not support this message format at this time, Cloudworks developed an “integration bot” with support for RSS that realized the customer’s needs.

Change management and internal anchoring

In addition to a well-structured and planned technical implementation, Cloudworks prepared together with the project group from Export Credit Norway, the roll-out well ahead of the launch. Group structure was carefully prepared, and market and information material were developed and made visible in the organization. Training and courses were organized for both before and after the launch. This helped to ensure internal anchorage and commitment also ahead of launch, and probably helped employees to quickly adopt to Workplace from Meta.

The work also continued after launch to maintain commitment and ensure that everyone in the organization would use Workplace from Meta as effectively as possible.