Elkjøp Nordic has given their employees a voice with Workplace from Meta

Elkjøp Nordic has given their employees a voice with Workplace from Meta

Elkjøp Nordic AS is the Nordic region’s largest brand in consumer electronics and household appliances. They have revolutionized their internal communication and interaction with the introduction of the social interaction platform Workplace from Meta for its 13,000 employees.

Cloudworks helped us with the rollout of Workplace from Meta for our 13,000 employees. Their contribution gave us our ‘moon landing’ for internal communication and interaction. I must praise their ability to understand and realize our business needs.

Line Lauvsnes Oddekalv, Head of Internal Communications and CSR, Elkjøp Nordic

Largest in the Nordic countries

Elkjøp Nordic AS is the Nordic region’s largest trading company in consumer electronics and electrical household appliances. It consists of over 400 warehouses in the Nordic region with a total of around 13,000 employees.

Increased competence, faster information flow and more involvement

The rate of innovation on the product page is huge and requires that Elkjøp’s employees are more updated and competent than ever before. In some product categories, the expiration date is soon in line with milk and bread. This development places greater demands on the organization, which must be kept up to date on its own product range. Workplace from Meta makes it quick and easy to share news and expertise, which increases Elkjøp’s service to customers.

Onboarding of mobile users

Many of Elkjøp’s employees have neither business mail or PC, and rely on the invitation to Workplace being sent by SMS. Ease of use is ensured by Integrated Authentication “Single Sign-On” and user management is automated through synchronization with the customer’s Identity Management (IDM) solution.

Inclusive digital communications service

Workplace from Meta with its “mobile-first” strategy, fills a gap with Elkjøp’s employees who previously could not participate in the company’s internal digital dialogue. With Workplace from Meta, everyone has got a voice and it has become much easier for management to reach the entire organisation.

See recording of the webinar:

How has Workplace contributed to Elkjøp's success also during the corona crisis?

On 27 May 2020, change manager Thea in Cloudworks invited communication manager Madeleine Schøyen Bergly in Elkjøp and Fredrik Meilegård Arnesen who works with internal communication, to a sofa chat.

They talked about how Elkjøp has used Workplace as a communication channel when the working day changes as dramatically as it has done in connection with the corona crisis.

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