What is Workplace from Meta?

What is Workplace from Meta?

Workplace from Meta is a popular tool used by organizations that wish to improve their internal communication and facilitate valuable interactions. It can be partly used as an intranet, but it is so much more than that.

Use of Workplace from Meta enables two-way communication, as well as collaboration across departments and locations. The flow of information is faster, collaboration easier and conversations occur more often. Silos are broken down and the sense of community is strengthened.

The digital platform is accessible from both mobile and desktop. Most employees are already familiar with common Meta features such as chat, groups, video calls and the newsfeed, which makes Workplace easy to adapt. A significant difference is that Workplace is the company's own private forum. It is an IT tool that contributes to both culture building and value creation.

Which companies are using Workplace?

Workplace is built for organizations that wish to achieve two-way communication and internal collaboration within a digital hybrid working day. It is particularly useful for large and medium-sized enterprises with large numbers of employees – who are often situated at different locations or do not have a typical office job.


It is also a popular platform for smaller companies, such as Cloudworks, that wish to strengthen internal communication. Upon establishment of our company, we wanted to rule out emails for internal use and instead introduce a social communication tool to enhance cooperation and cohesion. Read more about our digital coffee machine here.

Today, Workplace is used by all types of organizations; public sector, municipalities, tech companies, start-ups and private organizations.

Find out how Elkjøp have revolutionized their internal communication and collaboration with Workplace from Meta.

Why implement Workplace?

There are numerous reasons why you should use Workplace from Meta. The tool enhances motivation and engagement among employees, both professionally and socially. Management appears more visible, the organization becomes more transparent and it gives everyone a voice. Workplace provides an organizational overview and easy access to all parts of the company.

 Motivation and sense of belonging

A social communication tool enhances internal commitment and employees can connect with colleagues they might not otherwise talk to. It makes it easier to stay up to date and the exchange of knowledge is increased. Use of the tool strengthens motivation and the sense of belonging.



Workplace is a user-friendly tool that most people adapt quickly. However, it is important to design a thorough plan for how the tool should be used internally, and that this is clearly communicated to all employees.

→ Easy access

Within the Workplace it is easy to communicate with one another, regardless of departments, professional groups, hierarchies and geographical distance. The tool helps to break down the barriers to reach out and ask for input or help.

→ Good and efficient features

Workplace is a well-developed platform with several features and includes, among other:

  • Chat is something most people are familiar with through social media usage. With instant messaging, either one-to-one or to a group, employees can communicate easily and efficiently and get immediate answers to their questions. They can also share photos and files, or call each other with or without video.

  • Groups are the very core of the tool. In addition to the chat, it is in the groups you communicate and collaborate, and it is where value creation takes place. Groups can be organized according to specific areas, functions, projects and departments or other divisions the company considers relevant. Within the groups you can post, comment and share files.

  • The news feed is unique to each employee, filled with posts from the groups you are associated with and engaged in. Based on AI, the feed will display what is considered most relevant to you. In addition, specific people in the organization can ensure that important messages are prioritized and viewed by everyone.t.

  • Live video is particularly useful for general meetings and when news and announcements should be communicated to everyone in the company.

  • Polls enable anyone to facilitate voting, either corporate or socially. Thus, all opinions are being heard.

  • The organizational chart in Workplace provides the complete overview of employees, their role in the company, their direct manager, as well as contact information. The built-in organizational chart is automatically updated upon changes.

  • Knowledge Library enables storing and sharing of static information such as HR policies, company routines and templates. The content is easily accessible and can be shared by anyone.

→ Integration with existing tools

Workplace connects with other IT tools used by the company, such as Microsoft 365, Dropbox and Google Disk. The integration makes it easier to share documents and collaborate, all within one platform.

Collaborate with other companies in the tool


Do you work with an external team in another company that also uses Workplace? Then you will have the opportunity to create a joint group where you can collaborate and communicate. The threshold for contact is lowered, unnecessary email correspondence is removed, and collaboration becomes more efficient.

 Separated from your private Meta profile

Hesitant to use Meta at work? Your private Meta profile has nothing to do with Workplace. You will get your own separate user for the platform.

Workplace builds a professional and social community that connects all employees closer to both the company and to each other. Within Workplace, every employee is engaged, socialized and motivated. It becomes a natural digital point of contact and an important link between everyone in the company. The tool contributes to more openness and cross-disciplinary cooperation. Value creation can flourish and culture building is enhanced.